Friday, May 20, 2016

More Nurglings!

I managed to finish another unit of these little monsters...

Not much to say beyond the pic, but the army is starting to look like an army! Another character is on the way, plus more Nurglings, and a pile of Plaguebearers!


  1. I love Nurgling's but while I have enjoyed painting my first base of them I feel that I am spending too much time on them. I have used two colours for mine, brown and green but after seeing yours I think I will have to do as you have and paint them all one colour. I was afraid they would look boring, but yours look great - still loads of character and detail but with a lot less hard work matching arms and horns etc.
    Mine are here if you want to see what I mean - My First Nurglings WIP

    1. Thanks, Daniel! Yours look great too. My first inclination was to mix up the colors, but I settled on one color after seeing them painted that way in the Age of Sigmar pics. I feel like I'm spending waaaay to much time on them as well. I still need one more unit for the Deluge of Nurgle, but I want to paint some Plaguebearers first...