Monday, June 6, 2016

Great Unclean One

I've had this model for years - it was a gift from my brother. At the time I was building a Nurgle-themed Warhammer 40k army (still have most of the Nurgle bits of that force and as a bonus the Great Unclean will work great with them too). I'm glad I finally got around to getting him painted.

I wanted him a bit darker than the Plaguebearers so I shifted the palette a shade darker for each stage. Rather than coating the thing in gore, I stuck to the bright green innards to tie the model in with the rest of the Daemons. This monster makes a great centerpiece for a Nurgle Daemon army and another heavy hitter if I want to combine the Daemons with my Rotbringers.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Herald of Nurgle

I decided to give my Plaguebearers the benefit of a dedicated Hero with a Herald of Nurgle.

Although the Herald lacks any Hero abilities, it could be named the general of the force and gain Inspiring Presence. On any case, three attacks, Rending -1, and D3 Wounds per hit will add more beef to any fight the Plaguebearers find themselves in.