Saturday, April 30, 2016

Deluge of Nurgle

I tried. I really did.

There are a pile of tutorials on the web on how to quickly paint Nurglings. I tried them all - spray paint, airbrush, drybrush - some of them looked ok, but they didn't look like MINE. They didn't look right next to the Blightkings. So I resorted to going about this the hard way and treating them like any other model meaning base coat, washes, and multiple layers. It is going to take me a couple of weeks to paint the minimum nine stands I need to field the Warscroll Battalion, Deluge of Nurgle, but hopefully the results will be well worth the effort. I like this battalion because it blends mortal followers and daemons and serves as a great core to expand the army in either direction.

More Blightkings coming up, but once I've slogged through these little monsters I'm going to tackle Morbidex Twiceborn and his hulking Maggoth.

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