Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nurgle Rotbringers

I have been a fan of Nurgle models since the dark ages of Warhammer and my new Oldschool collection reflects an attempt to rebuild my original army, given away long ago. When the End of Times campaign was going on, I was absolutely floored by the Putrid Blightking models. Each model was a hero, crowded with layers of detail and oozing character (literally, as is often the case with minions of Nurgle), much like the old school models.

I bought two boxes when they were released, but held off actually building them because even then the rumors of the future and round bases were beginning to swirl. I actually bought the Maggoth rider kit and two boxes of Plaguebearers to add several boxes of beastmen I already had. It was difficult to field these units as a single army back then, but I was just collecting models I liked. In Age of Sigmar, these models are not only legal in a single force (nothing is illegal in AoS), but are featured together in photos in the latest supplement, Quest for Ghal Maraz.

With the publication of Age of Sigmar and my desire to paint something new, I decided it was time...

Rawr! Now that is a follower of Grandfather Nurgle! I'm not sure if the base is finished because I can't decide if I want to add withered grass or leave them rocky to better fit in with different terrain types. I am planning on a unit of ten of these monsters and I will probably end up getting a third box so I can have two units of seven (Nurgle's sacred number) with standards and musicians. I am spoiled for choices of commanders - Morbidex Twiceborn, the Lord of Plagues, Gutrot Spume... hell, I may even go ahead and get the Glottkin!

Anyway, lots more vileness on the way, though I do also plan on painting some of the new Stormcast Eternals as well...

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  1. Really cool, love the skin and armour in particular, good to see you painting a model miniature! Here's my version of that guy -